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Natural stone is a 100% natural material subjected only to cutting processes. It is reusable, recyclable and biodegradable. It is highly resistant over time, circular and renewable on a geological scale.



For products with enough thickness, the same initial format can be used to construct other buildings or restore the initial one.



Since all its remnants can be reused in new designs or products.



In contrast to planned obsolescence, natural stone is a durable material. The useful life of a stone building is estimated at 100 years, although we could say that it can reach more than 500 years.



What is soil if not the decomposition of bedrock?



History is full of buildings built from the stone remnants of others, or rebuilt over and over again with the same ashlar bricks.


Take the example of the Notre Dame Cathedral, under construction since the 12th century, which in 2019 suffered, as everyone knows, great damage due to a fire… a large part of the wooden structure was destroyed, but the stone ashlars can still be recovered.

We can confirm that natural stone is not consumed, but rather transformed over centuries. Even in its most minimal expression, it would become part of the fertile soil or the composition of other rocks.

Renewable, because although it is not renewable on a human scale, sedimentary rocks continue to be generated superficially on a geological scale by the lithogenesis of sedimented particles in valleys, lakes and seas, in a process that really exceeds our human reality, but that does not require great catastrophes or transformations for its effect, it is produced in the environmental pressure and temperature conditions, from the natural chemical transformations produced by its different components, in a long but constant process.

Indeed, today’s sediments may form rocks, for example, in 10,000 years, but the sediments from 10,000 years ago are the rocks of today and the sediments from 9,000 years ago will be the rocks of the next century, in a permanent cycle.

Its beauty is indestructible, its aging, its relationship with climatic agents, sun, rain and wind, and even more aesthetic qualities all contributing, making the patina of time visible.

Natural stone is a product whose use in both new construction and restoration includes us in that natural, circular and eternal process, in which architecture, construction and life itself, the architect, the builder and all of us users, inhabitants of the planet, are just one more piece.


Catalina Sanchez Robles

CEO of Rosal Stones


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