evoking the mediterranean

Rosal Stones. Natural sandstone and limestone in Murcia, Spain


Extraction, elaboration and sale of limestones and sandstones

Facades, outdoor and indoor pavements, decorative elements, massive construction and stonemasonry


Spanish family business with more than 30 years of experience

Designation of origin and historical wealth

We highlight the genuine value of the sedimentary rocks, created millions of years ago at the bottom of the Sea. Thanks to their resistance, versatility and qualities as thermal and acoustic insulators, these rocks have been used for the construction of great monuments, palaces and fortifications by several civilizations throughout the Mediterranean for thousands of years. Our Albamiel stone is our muse; it is imbued with the history and culture of the Iberian Peninsula. The quarry for this stone is located near one of the major routes that were travelled by several civilizations in their journey between Europe, Africa and Asia.

World cultural heritage as a current lifestyle

Through our work with the stones, we want to keep the Mediterranean culture alive in the field of the architecture and interior design. We create harmony between the outdoor and the indoor thanks to the balance provided by the different architectural languages, thus helping to create spaces where you can enjoy the light, the sun, the nature, the sea views and their colours. Most of our projects point to this style, which can be rustic, classic or contemporary, although it always tends to show a relaxed lifestyle outdoors.


Modern and exhaustive production processes along with a unique extraction system

Our human team is committed to support and advice you in a personalised way, working close with you. We have a technical department specialised to make true the all the projects assigned to us by our customers.

We are at the forefront of the most modern and exhaustive production processes, ensuring that way the supply of materials on time and with the proper features, these processes include a numerical control system that allows us to create the vast majority of designs. Our extraction system is unique, obtaining the material horizontally, directly with the right measurements, and ready for sale.

The quality certificates for the ISO 9001:2015 and the ISO 14001:2015 standards show since 2005 our personal commitment to offer the best quality in our products and services, ensuring our respect for the current legislation in order to minimize the environmental impact.


Our commitment to society and to the environment.

One of the pillars of our business policy is the social and the environmental commitment. We promote the construction works made with sustainable and durable materials over the passage of time. Our natural stones are extracted and manufactured with efficient processes regarding the utilisation of the resources, including the reduction of the energy consumption, trying to minimise as much as possible the waste. We implement an environmentally friendly extraction system; we do not use explosives, we extract the stones with maximum accuracy and with zero waste, reducing the visual pollution greatly.

We are currently working on a restoration project for the Rosales quarry, this project will allow us to convert the empty space, created as a by-product regarding our extractive activity, into a spectacle of natural interest, bearing in mind the possibility of complementary uses, such as a Mediterranean garden, devoted to the cultivation of the native plants and projecting leisure spaces or cultural journeys.

Thanks to the EUROPEAN REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT FUND and the EUROPEAN SOCIAL FUND, we also have a solar photovoltaic installation generating half of the energy consumption necessary for our manufacturing workshop.

In addition, we have received a grant from the European Union from the European Union’s FEDER funds to carry out an energy audit, which aims to improve energy efficiency, promote energy savings and reduce greenhouse gas emissions


Our limestones and sandstones represent the perfect balance between tradition and modernity, linking their harmony between the historical legacy and a sustainable future.

A history of the present, bringing the essence of the Mediterranean to your home.

We are a family business that traces its origins thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit and the business vision of Manuel Sánchez Marín, our founder, who with the support and help of his wife María Robles Jiménez, worked tirelessly in the construction industry until discovering in 1980 his passion for the extraction and manufacture of the natural stone, activity to which he devoted his life since them.

Their 3 children progressively joined the family business, and made it stronger, in order to expand the business toward new horizons, working each on in their respective field. The business, in its current trajectory, and with more than 30 years of experience, is the result of a devoted commitment to work, to the self-learning, and to the consolidation of a human team in direct compromise to ensure the values ​​of our company, which is working constantly for the satisfaction of our customers.

We share our passion for natural stone with the community and we are proud to be able to contribute to transmit its historical and cultural legacy.


A way to make Europe

From our own quarries, we obtain an exclusive range of natural stones, guaranteeing an excellent quality and adequate responsiveness. Limestones and sandstones of marked Mediterranean spirit perfectly responding to the aesthetic and functional needs of your project.
Natural stones for facades, decorative elements and restoration, and as well as for indoor and outdoor pavements. Massive construction and stonemasonry systems that represented the essence of our company for more than 30 years. Everything developed under modern and exhaustive production processes focused in quality, and backed by the UNE ISO 9001 and 14001 standards.
Mitigating the ecological crisis should not wait any longer. We are your partners in achieving this: We emit 94% less Co2 emissions than traditional concrete and 48% less than other stones. Proposals with high energy efficiency.
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