Building our Future

By Ramón Sánchez Robles

Sales manager at Rosal Stones

Strongly inspired by the principle that the best way to predict the future is to build it, we are delighted to share a few of our most recent changes, aimed at strengthening our position as communicators of Mediterranean culture through a select range of limestones and sandstones.


From Areniscas Rosal to Rosal Stones

The expansion of our portfolio of natural stones for sale, as well as the international projection we have achieved in recent years alongside the Spanish market, has led us to create the company name Rosal Stones. Under this brand, accompanied by the slogan Mediterranean at home, we want our company and work to be seen as allowing people to enjoy beautiful, living materials in their home, with the purest essence of the Mediterranean.


Expansion of our manufacturing workshop

With our respectful aim of taming the stone, drawing it, cutting it, giving it a form and creating harmony, we have expanded our manufacturing workshop.  We recently unveiled the new building, designed by the architect Pepa Díaz and inspired by our company’s founder, Manuel Sánchez, and by his functional, utilitarian constructions based on blocks of raw stone, brought directly from the quarry.

The Albamiel stone is a structural part of this extension. An outward appearance of stone-block towers form part of the new building’s foundations and inside, several new, up-to-date machines are housed to allow more precise work and to simplify the difficult labour of the stoneworkers.


Our new brand Rosal Stones’ new website

To maintain consistency with previous changes, we have just launched our new website and we are very excited to present this new image.

The new website offers a clearer message of who we are, what we represent and the value which we offer through our natural stones.

Current and potential customers will find more complete, useful information about sizes, technical features, and the products we develop, as well as images for inspiration which convey a Mediterranean atmosphere through some of the most common uses of our range of limestones and sandstones. We hope you enjoy this new experience!

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