Natural Stone

Warm tone and subtle natural veins. Excellent for thermal and acoustic insulation



Limestone ideal for exterior

Extracted from our own quarry

Technical description

Calcarenite natural stone of cream color with some fossils, with a very uniform color and texture. Also available with a slightly veined effect when it is cut against the vein.

Aesthetic qualities

This natural stone stands out due its natural warm feeling. Its tone transmits the light and the warmth of the Mediterranean sun, with a texture, which inspires the calm and beauty of the beaches touched by the sea. It provides a high decorative potential thanks to the subtle veins, which are present naturally.


It can be used in all types of works and decorative elements. Intended for outdoor applications, it is mostly utilized in pavements and pool finishes, being of use also for facades, in which the aim is to pursue a great homogeneity and continuity. It requires a little maintenance and offers an ideal behavior outdoors: It is a very insulating stone, which does not provide a burn feeling when it is touch, and which also balance the level of adherence with a dry or wet floor. It does not produce puddles and easily evaporates the absorbed water due to its open porosity.


Most appropiate uses:

  • Traditional or ventilated facades

Its uses are perfect for:

  • Outdoors pavements, natural softness (it is softer when brushed) and non-slipping
  • Cladding of traditional or ventilated facades
  • All kinds of decorative elements such as balustrades, moldings, facilities, etc.

Most appropriate uses:

  • Cladding of traditional or ventilated facades
  • Mainly indoor pavements

Most appropriate uses:

  • Soft and non-slipping exterior pavements.
  • To simulate a slightly worn out appearance on facades due the passage of time, pavements and decorative elements.



60 x 40cm


120 x 40cm
60 x 60cm

Large formats:

80 x 80 cm
90 x 90 cm
120 x 80 cm


Starting from 2 cm we can produce any thickness.

Features and values

Bulk density

2.180 Kg/m3


19,1 %

Water absorption

14,53 % at atmospheric pressure of 5.5%

Resistance to freezing

168 Cicles

Slipping resistance

94-86 Dry-damp

Reaction to fire

A1 Class

Bending strength

4,0 MPa

Compressive strength

N 17

Abrasion resistance

29 mm

Information for professionals

Our limestones and sandstones are also available in blocks, boards, strips or ashlars for their later elaboration by the corresponding workshops and other professionals devoted to work with stones, we extract them directly from our own quarries.

The Albamiel’s blocks are completely regular in size, avoiding any waste and ensuring that way a 100% of usage regarding the cubic meters, which also optimizes the transportation. Each block has approximately 6 m3, which is an average measurement of 2.50 x 1.50 x 1.50 meters and 12 Tn of weight, this also allows to load 2 blocks in a truck / container, thus taking advantage of the maximum weight.

The Albamiel’s boards have an average measurement of 2.50 x 1.50 meters. Moreover, they available in 2, 3 cm or more, depending on the customer’s needs. The boards, strips and ashlars can be cut along or against the vein, obtaining that way, in the latter case, a very decorative veined effect. We have a special packaging for the adequate transportation, either nationally or internationally.

Ask for our prices to professionals, without obligation, we will be happy to assist you.

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    From our own quarries, we obtain an exclusive range of natural stones, guaranteeing an excellent quality and adequate responsiveness. Limestones and sandstones of marked Mediterranean spirit perfectly responding to the aesthetic and functional needs of your project.
    Natural stones for facades, decorative elements and restoration, and as well as for indoor and outdoor pavements. Massive construction and stonemasonry systems that represented the essence of our company for more than 30 years. Everything developed under modern and exhaustive production processes focused in quality, and backed by the UNE ISO 9001 and 14001 standards.
    Mitigating the ecological crisis should not wait any longer. We are your partners in achieving this: We emit 94% less Co2 emissions than traditional concrete and 48% less than other stones. Proposals with high energy efficiency.
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