Natural stones for 

Wide and select range of limestones and sandstones for massive construction


Solid stones, blocks and ashlars of limestone and sandstone

Perfect for projects that pursue sustainable development

Massive construction is among the many construction possibilities offered by our natural stones.

It is a traditional construction system applied to the contemporary architecture, mainly with the use of limestones and sandstones. It is also considered as the true art of the stonework because is based on the traditional work of the Stonemasonry, with the skill to cut and give style to the stone, and finally assembling it precisely thru processes of forefront technologies.

In the massive construction, the solid blocks are used as constructive or structural elements, and as elements with a decorative purpose.

Solid blocks or ashlars of natural stone:

Until now, it was a system very used in perimeter walls for plots and buildings of distinctive character, although it is gaining notoriety in single-family homes seeking to differentiate themselves according their architectural and environmental value thru the use of the natural stone, being it perfect for the projects that pursue the sustainable development and the passive house concept.

Additionally to the technical benefits, the solid looking of the ashlars used in the massive construction provides a clean style that can be modern or bring out the constructive models of the ancient civilizations. In this type of construction, is preserved the same style utilized for the outdoor and the indoor of the houses, integrating it perfectly in a rendezvous with the landscape.

When using our limestones and sandstones in the constructive elements, you take the advantages of all their technical and aesthetic qualities. The main advantage of the massive construction is about the energy efficiency, thanks to the insulating properties of the solid stone blocks against the high and low temperatures, during the summer and the winter.

Other structural Solid blocks:

There are other solid blocks of natural stone that, additionally to their contribution in order to create the structure of the project, are also contributing to the design and decoration of it. That occur, for example, with the arches, columns or the trellises.

On the contrary, to what people popularly think, the massive construction system is not expensive. A construction with elements made of solid stones provides strength to the structure, insulation properties and an outstanding exterior finishing, in comparison to the walls or the masonry elements, or even to other conventional materials, which requires at least four different works (structure, stucco, interior insulation and painting in order to accomplish the indoor and outdoor finishes). We can also highlight the speed during the construction process to build walls in comparison with other systems.

We offer ashlars and standardized blocks, as well as custom solid blocks for all types of projects. Please, contact us to obtain a personalized support in your massive construction project

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    From our own quarries, we obtain an exclusive range of natural stones, guaranteeing an excellent quality and adequate responsiveness. Limestones and sandstones of marked Mediterranean spirit perfectly responding to the aesthetic and functional needs of your project.
    Natural stones for facades, decorative elements and restoration, and as well as for indoor and outdoor pavements. Massive construction and stonemasonry systems that represented the essence of our company for more than 30 years. Everything developed under modern and exhaustive production processes focused in quality, and backed by the UNE ISO 9001 and 14001 standards..
    The essence of the Mediterranean reflected, since 1985 around the world, through our natural stones in important and representative projects, such as private homes, restoration of historical monuments and public works.